Any plumbing NYC emergency situation is going to be pretty scary and definitely a little bit unsettling.

NYC plumbing

For one thing, these problems almost always seem to pop up out of nowhere.

One second, you’re kicking back and relaxing in your living room and the next second you’re up to your ankles (or your elbows) in water – and you have no idea what happened!

New York City is an absolutely amazing place to live, a modern marvel of engineering and architecture unlike any other place on the planet. Of course, at the exact same time, the city has been built, torn down, rebuilt, modified, transformed, and altered hundreds of thousands of times in the past – and will go through hundreds of thousands of more transformations the future – so you had better believe that the plumbing is at least a little bit “confused” down there.

This means that any plumbing NYC problem or emergency is going to become a lot more difficult to deal with them one that might happen in the suburbs, just because of the nature of the complexity of the plumbing system that you have to deal with.

And that’s why it’s so important for you to commit to working with only the best 24 hour plumber NYC service you can find.

This isn’t the kind of work that amateurs can tackle we ease, the kind of work that anyone with a couple of tools and a little bit of know-how are going to be able to pull off to perfection.

Instead, you’re going to need to make sure that you are always choosing to work with the best emergency plumber NYC has to offer, the kind of NYC plumber that is almost always in high demand just because of how accomplished they are.

Usually this means working with the NYC plumbing professionals at Plumbing NYC, the kinds of experts that are constantly in demand and recommended more than just about anyone else because of the help they provide to the community.

Not just emergency plumbing NYC experts but “traditional” plumbing experts as well, you’re going to find that you’re always in the best of hands when you decide to move forward with these NYC plumbers.

It really just doesn’t get any better than this!

If you have been searching for a “survival guide” to get you through all of the emergency plumbing NYC situations you ever find yourself in, you are going to appreciate the insider information contained within this quick guide.

It might not be the ultimate or complete and comprehensive breakdown of the things you need to take care of when dealing with these NYC plumbing situations, but it’s definitely going to be more than enough to act as your foundation going forward.

Of course, to really make things easy on yourself (and your bank account) you should consider working with top-flight pros like those at Plumbing NYC.

They know exactly what they’re doing, how to help when everything seems to be falling apart, and how to make sure that your plumbing problem is solved as quickly as possible while at the same time preventing these situations from happening in the future.

You’d have to be at least a little bit crazy not to work with them!

But let’s get into this NYC plumbing emergency survival guide already!

Shut EVERYTHING down as quickly as possible

The most important thing you need to do when you find yourself dealing with a plumbing emergency (in the city or anywhere else, for that matter) is to find the source of water coming into your home and into your plumbing system and shut it off immediately.

This almost always involves shutting down the “master supply” of water to your home, which will involve turning a shut off valve that is located close to an exterior wall in your property (99.9% of the time in the basement or a storage closet).

Obviously, you’ll want to find out exactly where your shut off valve is before you find yourself in a situation that requires you to use it – but if you haven’t taken the time to get ahead of the game, you’ll want to make sure that you know exactly what you’re looking for.

In a pinch, simply Google “main shutoff valve for plumbing systems” and you’ll find a bunch of different pictures to let you know exactly what you need to be on the lookout for.

Once you have the main shutoff valve taken care of, then you can begin to inspect your entire plumbing system for leaks or damage, but you’ll also be able to find “compartmentalized” shutoff valves that allow you to cut the water to the emergency while at the same time restoring water everywhere else.

At the very least, your shutoff valve is going to buy you extra time so that you can find the right NYC plumber to hire for the project at hand.

The next step is to shut off your water heater

Once you have taken care of shutting down your entire water supply, it’s time to go and shut down your water heater or else you’ll find yourself in a really prickly predicament.

You see, if you don’t take the time to go and shut off your water heater it is going to continue to flow and superheat the water already in the tank – and when there isn’t new cold water coming into the tank that water is going to become incredibly hot.

If left unattended for a long enough period of time, all of that water that is being seated is going to be transformed into steam – and from there that steam is going to flow through all of your pipes, building up pressure along the way (especially if there is a blockage or clog anywhere allow the line) and then you’re really going to be in trouble.

This is not a situation that you want to find yourself in!

If your water heater is allowed to build up all kinds of extra pressure it’s going to eventually pop like a blister, and you do not want to be around if that happens. It’s a dangerous and potentially deadly situation for sure, and one that you are going to be able to easily avoid by shutting things that ahead of time.

Scan all pipes for leak or signs of damage

Now that you have shut down the immediate systems that need to be addressed, it’s time to begin taking a good look at your NYC plumbing system to find out what the problem is.

Sometimes you are going to be able to “stumble across” whatever the plumbing problem you have that is causing the emergency plumbing situation in the first place, but sometimes – most of the time – you’re going to have at least a little bit of digging and investigation.

Grab a trusty flashlight (preferably one powered by LED, simply because they are so bright and so energy efficient) and begin inspecting every single piece of exposed plumbing along the line.

You probably aren’t going to be able to inspect every piece of plumbing equipment you have in your home (mostly because a good chunk of it is buried inside of your walls), but you’re still going to want to try and figure out if the leak is something that you can tackle all on your own.

Open up your outside spigots (if you have any)

After your inspection, you’re going to want to head outside and turn off any of this gets that you have out there to relieve more pressure on the system while at the same time to allow any “backed up” water to flow right outside of the system and out into the outdoors.

This is a great little tip to make sure that you don’t have to deal with any other surprises when your plumbing NYC expert shows up to treat the problem (especially if the water is shut off), as water that is trapped inside of your plumbing is going to stay trapped until something – or someone – allows it to escape.

Go around and check your fixtures, unclog drains, and do a bit of maintenance

Now that you have the “heavy lifting” taking care of, it’s time to go around and check out all of your plumbing NYC fixtures, unclog as many of your drains as possible – without dumping liquid drain cleaner down the pipes – and do any regular, routine, or preventative maintenance you haven’t exactly been keeping up.

This should take maybe an hour or so at the most, but will end up proving to be incredibly valuable later down the line – especially if you stick to this regular maintenance schedule after your emergency plumbing NYC situation is resolved.

Call in the right NYC plumbing professionals for the job (and not the first people you come across)

This would be a fantastic time to call in the right professionals for the task at hand, the kinds of professionals employed by Plumbing NYC.

While they might not be the first emergency plumber NYC service you stumble across (just because there are so many other options out there marketing and advertising right alongside of them), you had better believe that they represent the very top tier of these kinds of services.

These are experts that have a considerable track record for success in the New York City area, the kind of experts that you can trust and rely to provide you with first rate results without breaking your bank account into tiny little pieces in the process.

You want to contact them through the phone (or email, if that’s your thing) just as quickly as you can, if only to reserve a “24 hour plumber NYC slot” to fit you win.

They are usually pretty busy people and constantly in demand. The longer you wait, the more you not being able to work with them.

Stay calm, cool, and collected while assessing the situation at hand

It’s important to try and remain just as calm, cool, and collected while you are taking an objective look at the actual situation you are dealing with.

Remember, no NYC plumbing problem is ever going to be too big for you to remedy – especially when you hire a team of professionals like Plumbing. There isn’t anything that they haven’t seen before (probably a bunch of times, at that), and they have all of the tools, technology, experience, education, and training to know how to address these problems with the ease.

Stick with the professionals and they’ll get you through it!

Simply contact these experts whenever you get a chance, set up a quick on-site consultation with the NYC plumbers Plumbing sends out, and then decide to “green light” the repair.

From there, they will do all of the “heavy lifting” for you, and you’ll be able to kick back, relax, and enjoy the process.

Leave reviews and feedback about the results you received to help others in your situation

After you have had the work performed by your NYC plumbers, it’s a good idea to write up a review and leave a bit of feedback on all of the different popular service review websites.

Not only will it help these people who have helped you so much land more clients in the future, but it will also help people to better understand what a particular service has to offer over another – an incredible resource and very valuable plumber NYC information that they would have had access to otherwise.

Obviously, this should only take you a little bit of time, but you’ll want to be as thorough, as honest, and as open as possible. This should be a completely unbiased review if at all possible, and make sure that you outline your personal experience and back it up with as much information and detail as you can muster.

People are going to be interested in your particular experience (whether it was good, bad, or somewhere in between), and you never really know just how valuable all of this extra help is going to be to someone in the position that you were – dealing with a plumbing emergency and not really sure of how to best proceed forward!

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